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Commissioned work, public-art, studio experiments and material studies. A collection that shares a common intent towards understanding and contemplation.

Mountent's are hexagonal blankets, utilitarian, insulated, soft, layered and ornamental, that fold up into pyramids. They double as animal masks and could just as easily be called Mask-tents, but ultimately they are inspired not just by animals, but by al
Mixed Media
18 x 18 x 13
affordable art military surplus antique aerial camera up cycled recycled artwork street-art sculpture jonah munis ninevah joppa whale ricinus-communis
Oil Paint on K20 Aerial Camera
Mark F-I
20" h x 20" w x 17" l
art slick street-art camera vintage stand sculpture explore mechanical upcycled recycled reclaimed surplus
Mixed Media
24 x 24 x 15
art surplus military camera canon nikon flash sculpture micro-film up-cycled recycled one-of-a-kind
Mixed Media
26" h x 18" w x 18" l